Bubbles a la España

So…..a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to get invited to a Spanish wine tasting. I had the day off; I pondered the invite for about 3 milliseconds and replied, “Hell yes!” Spanish wines, over lunch…duh. My lunch was hosted by some of my favorite people in the wine biz here, Jesse Fincannon, @fitchio  and Catherine Doyle @catherine_anni, of Thirst Wine Merchants @thirstwine. Quality people. Quality company and QUALITY portfolio. The wines were supplied by The Well Oiled Wine Company. Lunch was provided by Smoke on Cherry Street @smokeoncherryst. Seriously…. Need I say more? Between the locale and the folks involved in this soirée, I can’t imagine a better set and setting for lunch.

The first item on the tasting block was this delicious Cava. Fermented the traditional way, Méthode Champenoise, actually meaning “in this bottle”, this little beauty had amazing toastiness from the time spent on the lees, or the yeast cells causing the original fermentation to begin with. Time on the lees creates a toasty, bready aroma that really separates quality bubbles from the rest of the pack. It also creates a phenomenal mouth-feel, adding a hint of creaminess to the bright acidity inherent in quality sparkling wines. The acidity in sparkling wines is attributed to the grapes that are harvested and crushed before the sugars really have a chance to develop, in essence picking them before the grape reaches full maturity and sugar acid balance. The grapes in this particular Cava are as follows, 35% Parellada, 35% Xarello and 30% Macebeo. Most people outside the wine industry have never heard of these particular grapes, but they are indigenous to Spain and are the most popular for their sparkling wines. 

I loved this wine. Toasty and bready aromas with a creamy mouthfeel, complimented by the bright acidity and crisp finish, showing peachy, apple and citrus flavors, this sparkler will pair with most anything. This is an elegant little bottle of bubbles in any restaurant , yet approachable enough on the budget to be a Saturday morning special on the patio at home.

Go find some and enjoy this groovy little bottle. Happy Wine Wednesday! #fitchio #catherine_anni #thirstwine #welloiledwineco #tulsasomm #tulsasommelier #wine #spanishwine #cava #getsomm

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