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and now for something completely different…

Austrian Dry Red Table Wine. Yes, I said Austrian and dry and red in the same sentence. This is the 2013 Berger Zweigelt. Zweigelt is the grape variety and probably not many people have ever heard of it much less tasted it. This grape is the result of a crossing of St Laurent and Blaufrankisch. Gesundheit! This crossing was performed by Dr Zweigelt (there’s a theme here) in 1922. Now in all seriousness, this is a delightful wine. It’s berries in a glass. As Terry Theise says, “The wine is raspberries and bacon; racy and “sweet,” the tangiest face of Zweigelt, the point where it just heaps a bucket of berries into your glass while bacon sizzles in the next room.” I don’t know about you but I love raspberries. And bacon. When I  taste this I think to myself this little beauty also has hints of cinnamon, loads of ripe tart cherry, violets and black pepper. The tannins are light and easy. Zweigelt is the perfect wine for grilling meats like pork, steaks, fish, poultry and it’s great with cheeses and some lighter fare as well. So skip the Pinot Noir, Barbera and Beaujolais aisles..head over to the Austrian aisle and take a step out your comfort zone.  Throw a slight chill on it, give it a swirl and enjoy something completely different.

2013 Berger Zweigelt, Austria
2013 Berger Zweigelt, Austria

Hold my beer and watch this….

Welcome to my world..the world of wine, beer and spirits…. as I see it, smell it, taste it and pair it. This isn’t going to be your normal blog..blah blah blah..we are going to have some fun in here so get ready!

A little about me.. a classically trained Chef of 30 years… 30 years of front and back of the house experience, Boca Raton to Martha’s Vineyard… This year I placed in the Top 10 in the U.S. in the Wines of South Africa’s Sommelier Cup and was awarded a Wine Spectator Award for my wine list as Beverage Director for Foundations Restaurant at Platt College. I have a degrees in Hospitality, Restaurant and Institutional Management and Food and Beverage Management from Johnson & Wales University. I know a little bit about food and wine…and I am excited to share some things with you.

My first beverage reviews and pics will be coming very soon. Stick with me. Hold my beer and watch this… #wine #tulsasomm #tulsasommelier