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Hold my beer and watch this….

Welcome to my world..the world of wine, beer and spirits…. as I see it, smell it, taste it and pair it. This isn’t going to be your normal blog..blah blah blah..we are going to have some fun in here so get ready!

A little about me.. a classically trained Chef of 30 years… 30 years of front and back of the house experience, Boca Raton to Martha’s Vineyard… This year I placed in the Top 10 in the U.S. in the Wines of South Africa’s Sommelier Cup and was awarded a Wine Spectator Award for my wine list as Beverage Director for Foundations Restaurant at Platt College. I have a degrees in Hospitality, Restaurant and Institutional Management and Food and Beverage Management from Johnson & Wales University. I know a little bit about food and wine…and I am excited to share some things with you.

My first beverage reviews and pics will be coming very soon. Stick with me. Hold my beer and watch this… #wine #tulsasomm #tulsasommelier