The Little Sweet One

Quite the misnomer, little and sweet have nothing to do with this wine. Dolcetto is known as the “sweet little grape”, but produces magnificently structured wines. Dolcetto could be considered the everyday drinking wine in the Piemonte region of Northern Italy, yet is relatively unheralded here in the U.S. In body and style, it’s a cross between the light fruity style of a Pinot Noir, with a lightly spicy kick more like a California Zinfandel. This 2012 bottling of Napa Valley Dolcetto from Pavi holds true to that form, ringing with bright red cherries on the front end of the palate, a smooth tannin quality across mid palate, ending with wonderful toasty baking spice melange no doubt from 3 years in French Oak before finding its way to the bottle.

We enjoyed this bottle with a Thai Red Panang Duck Curry I created. The curry itself was full of exotic flavors from lead-off flavor of the curry itself along with the back up cast of ginger and garlic, sesame oil, lemongrass, five spice, broccoli rabe, coconut  milk and of course duck breast. This Dolcetto held its own and more with all of those spices and drank beautifully on its own as we prepared this meal. Food, friends, family and fantastic wine..what more could you ask for? Look for Pavi wines at Cheers!

Verdicchio….the answer to bad Pinot Grigio’s hot right? It’s summertime..halfway through July and we are seeing temps reach 100+. Can’t wait for August. I have found a gorgeous white wine to get us through the next 2 scorching months. It’s what I consider to be THE alternative to the ever present Pinot Grigio. I know… I can feel the hate mail coming… I can see it on the horizon, but trust me here for just one minute…and then trust me through the next case of this wine you are going to buy. From the Adriatic coast comes Santa Barbara Vedicchio, a wonderfully crisp clean wine, bright acidity with round full mouth flavor and extremely food friendly. Grill some fish, shuck some oysters, sear and roast some half chickens on the grill with rosemary and oregano..whatever you desire, but open this beauty up and enjoy it. Thank you Kermit Lynch… and you folks can thank me now or thank me later, but either way.. you’re welcome.

..when they say Pinot Grigio, this is what they are really looking for. THE alternative
..when they say Pinot Grigio, this is what they are really looking for. THE alternative